Sunday, 23 September 2012


I have so much love for this foundation it is unbelievable. You do not know how much I was uhming and ahming about getting this foundation as I thought it would just be another rubbish high street makeup product which realed you in with great advertising. 

I have tried dozens of the Boots foundations which have all let me down terribly, so I switched to Mac and was extremely pleased. However, the Mac prices are a little off putting and I didnt want to waste such a expensive beauty product on school, so I decided I would put the Mac foundation to one side and use at the weekends only. 

So now I needed one for school so I searched up a load of foundations on boots which all claimed to be brilliant blah blah blah, so I was really stuck. I decided to go onto Zoella's blog and youtube channel as I can always trust her reviews, and there was a video called "High Street/Drugstore Foundation Review #1". She was wearing the rimmel wake me up foundation and she said how brilliant it was.. so I decided not to question her and try it for myself.. 

..And OH WOW, how I adore it. I would even go as far to say that it is as good better than my Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation. So, why would I say this?, let me tell you:

  1. The Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation is priced at £8.99 usually in boots, however I got mine for £5.98 at Wilkinsons. (I actually think Boots has an offer on with this foundation where you get £3 off of it) So I got mine for a cheaper price which is why I love it even more! 
  2. It gives my skin a very dewy look which is EXACTLY what I was after in a foundation. It has tiny little sparkles/glitter in the liquid apparently so that could be the reason as to why it is nice and shiny on the face.
  3. It is medium to full coverage which is perfect for me. However if you only put a small amount on then I'm sure it can look really natural too. It covers up spots, dark eye circles and blemishes nicely.
  4. It is very longlasting - I wear my foundation all day at school so basically about 8 hours. Obviously it does come off a little bit by the end of the day but then so does really expensive foundations. I really wanted a product which wouldn't slick off your face and leave you wit horrible, greasy and patchy skin, and I am extremely pleased to say that it doesn't do that AT all.
  5. It matches my skin colour well - they have 6 shades to choose from.
  6. The best thing about this is that is doesn't bring me out in spots. All of the high street foundations I have tried have brought me out in hundreds of spots and white heads, but this one doesn't at all! 
It is basically a fantastic foundation which I am seriously pleased with. I was so worried about buying this and I really wish I hadn't doubted it before as it is possibly the best foundation I have ever used. Good job Rimmel!

P.S. I also use the Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer with this foundation which makes my skin look even better. Here is the Concealer Review: Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer Review

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I got my upper ear done yesterday and I was so scared! I saw the needle the guy was going to use before and it made me so nervous! I'm such a wimp with pain; I had to squeeze my friend's hand whilst I had it done haha. It was actually quite painful and it still hurts a bit.. I had such a bad nights sleep as I kept leaning on it and it fricking killed! This weekend coming up I'm getting my seconds done which shouldn't be so bad as it is only a soft part of my ear.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I bought a few other makeup products too, but I thought I would review them seperately.. so keep a look out for beauty reviews including Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, mascaras and Toni and Guy Hair products etc.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Leopard Print Body - Motel Asos Sale £11, Leather leggings - Topshop, Peace Belt - Urban Outfitters £18, Creepers - Office Sale £35. 

Woww it has been a while since my last blog post and I feel very ashamed to have not done one sooner.. I've been a bad blogger! Now this is just a small post which shows my outfit from when I went to town last week. I will show you everything I bought from town and from the internet in my next post - I thought I would spread it out as I have bought a fair few things recently!

I can't believe I am back to school on Wednesday as a six former.. it's ridiculous! I have had such a long summer (like months off) and I can't believe the holidays are basically over. I have six form homework to do so that will have to be done tomorrow :( Mehh I cannot be bothered to go back and actually do work again; ahh well only two more years left until I completely finish school.. woah that is a very very very very very scary thought.

P.S. It felt so wrong not wearing a lipstick, I felt naked!