Saturday, 24 September 2011


Last night all like 60 of us went to Bens party. Unfortunately all my clothes, hair, my bed, everything smells like fire smoke! It was such a brilliant party, and the barn was so unusual, but a great place to party. A lot when on last night and it was the best night of September (SO far!).

Currently uploading photos of Bens to facebook, watching 'The parent trap' with Lindsey Lohan in, and trying to get the smoke smell out of my bedsheets and hair! Erghh it is so sickening.

I have a meal tomorrow with my friends at Robyns house and she is cooking some delicious meals! Cannot wait:) Havent got a clue what to wear though, will need to think about it soon :)



These two beautiful girls visit my blog all the time apparently, so I would like to thank them so much! Love you guyss xxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Whilst searching 'Abi Horsey' on google to find my blog, this popped up:

It is one of the articles I wrote on my work experience for the Banter magazine. I didnt know this was on the internet, so it was a pleasent surprise to find it. This is just one of my articles I wrote, I am trying to track down whether more are on the internet.

Right, tomorrow you guys have to decide which outfit I should wear to a party on Friday night. I will have a few options and will desperately need your advice.

I have realised I have hyped up Volume Million Lashes mascara quite a lot over my blogging time, and I have never done a review I dont think. Well I am going to this week so that I can show you lovely people the results. Stay tuned ;)

Currently listening to more music. I go through fases of constantly listening to music... oh dear! 'Out Of Reach' is what I am listening to as I watched Bridget Jones a couple of days ago because I adore that film so so so much, one of my favourites. "Out of Reach, couldnt see, we were never meant to be. So much hurt, so much pain, takes a while to regain what was lost..." Am also eating homemade crumble which my mum made, oh my days, its so delicious. I just love it!

Erghh having a rubbish few days, but am cheering up a bit now.
My current moto: Flipping move on girl.

Night Night everyone, having an early night ♥