Monday, 27 May 2013


After months and months of hard revising for my AS Levels, I'm glad to say they are all over now! I had five exams in two weeks and now I get two weeks off doing absolutely nothing (whilst others are still taking exams naww)! I feel so confused as to what to do with myself as I have been revising non-stop, and I feel almost guilty for going out or watching tv all day as I feel like I should be revising!

Well anyway, I'm back! After 22 days of not posting, this is just a little post to say hey again and that velvet will be up and running properly again with regular posts! I have felt actually excited to post again on my blog and to get back in to it!

Speak to you very soon bloggies! ♥

Sunday, 5 May 2013


It is officially Summer according to the calender and the weather is actually starting to perk up. The sun is bursting through the cloggy clouds and making a sunny statement. The temperature is rising to a mediocre degree, and hopefully it will just keep increasing. My one pet hate is having to throw over a jacket on top of my outfit as it completely ruins it; I am mostly looking forward to walking out the house 'coat free' and not having it drown my clothes.

Like everybody else is I am sure, all I can think about is this year's Summer Fashion collection! I keep searching the internet for inspiration and leaping into magazines! Out of everything, I find that actually fashion blogs are the most useful as I love seeing what outfits people put together and how they make them unique; plus they are usually affordable.

My fashion sense is sometimes quite grungy and gothic, so this Summer I really want to embrace that look! One of my favourite celebrities are the Olsen Twins, as their dirty blonde beach locks and sunkissed skin looks perfect with black grunge clothes. They can really pull of the black look, without looking too gothic, and match their outfits with beautiful bags and sunnies.

Another style icon of mine is Miley Cyrus. I don't normally like her as an actress (apart from in the Last Song) but I really love her fashion sense as it reminds me of American Apparel: simple but beautiful. She often teams a checkered shirt with a plain dress, or wears levi shorts with crop tops. I think her choice of clothing is always perfect for the summer and it really inspires me! One thing that does upset me about Cyrus, is that all her golden perf hair has been chopped off into, what I think, is really unflattering on her. Ohh well, her amazing style will make up for it.

Boy, I am in into sports wear this year. I am never brave enough to wear anything sporty I have bought into sixform, as I am worried people will mistake me for going to the gym. However, although I may not wear these things, I still love them, especially the over sized american football tops and number crop tops. There are loads in Topshop at the moment which is fantastic, so I may have to indulge in some more, but they really aren't very flattering or womanly!

Footwear is something I want to indulge more in this year! Although I love wearing chunky buckled biker boots, they do make my legs look stumpy! If you hadn't guessed I am quite small, so this Summer I want a shoe that will increase my height and lengthen my legs. Wedges are perfect for all occasions as you can wear them both casually and formally, depending on the type and appearance of the shoe. Here are a few I have been inspired by by celebrities on the web:

Keri Hilson, Miley Cyrus, Alexa Chung, Olsen twin
Victoria Beckham heel(less) shoes
The Backless wedges, originally worn by Victoria Beckham, is so popular at the moment, that's if you can walk in them! I have tried so many on and literally just fall back in them, thank goodness there is always someone behind to catch me! I really don't know how people can walk, I salut them.

There are some gorgeous ones similar to the style of Victoria Beckham's legendary wedges on New Look:
How amazing are they?! Not only do they have gorgeous studding all over, the heel actually looks relatively easy to walk in as it is curved. 

I noticed that Keri Hilson was wearing a pair of striped wedges that looked so striking. I tried some on in New Look that had an Aztec pattern on the heel, they were incredible. When Summer hits England hard, I will dive straight into their website and buy me some of these:
Black Aztec Espadrille Wedges

Instead of me suggesting all of New Look's sensational shoes, click here:
(It will take you to all the wonderful wonders of their SUMMER WEDGES)