Friday, 8 August 2014




Yes, my EIGHTEENTH was over a month ago, June 29th (everybody remember this important date), and yet I still haven't posted anything about it. It was a crazy weekend, some of which I regret but everything turned out for the best in the end.

My birthday weekend began with a mini party outside in the blazing sun. Saturday involved a lot of pre-drinking with my best friend's at my house before going into Bristol (where I only lasted a whopping 40 minutes before being chauffeured home by my dad for being too 'excitable'). On the Sunday I had a lovely family meal where I spent the day opening presents, and the evening at 'the Pig' near Bath where I avoided any kind of alcohol... well maybe I did have one cocktail. Unbelievably, I was sung happy birthday to by Yoko Ono as my amazing Patisserie Valerie double chocolate gateaux birthday cake was brought out. What a way to top off my 18th celebrations.

Overall it really was a perfect birthday weekend spent with the most important people. I had so many unexpected surprises which I am so grateful for, including a trip to London in September with my siblings and their partners (how posh), a Tandem Bungee Jump, and Bath Spa Twilight Package.

I always wondered what it would feel like to become an eighteen year old: an adult. Unsuprisingly, I feel absolutely no different, probably even more so like a little kid.