Sunday, 15 December 2013


So, it occurred to me today that I hadn't done an outfit post in absolutely ages, and I have been inspired by so many blog posts recently that I thought I would do a tiny one. I admit it's not the best post, but nevertheless I will try to do loads more similar ones and update you lovely readers frequently on my many outfit concoctions.

Skirt // Topshop (actually a midi skirt but I folded it up)
Cami Top // River Island
Boots // Asos
Necklace // Ebay

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


It's been so many of my friend's big one-eight birthdays recently, which obviously involves prinks and town. I love it when we all go out into Bristol to have a 'wee boogie' (the nicest term possible for getting drunk and embarrassing ourselves).

Now it's getting closer to Christmas day, and the lead up this year is extremely exciting. I have already watched a few of my favourite xmas movies, including the Grinch and the Nightmare before Christmas - I just want the 25th December to be here already! I swear these 21 sleeps are going to drag.

All I need now is a jazzy christmas jumper to light up my christmas and stay warm through this wet windy weather.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


So, what has been occurring in the life of Abi Horsey? Not much, but here are a few snaps of my summer and beginning of the Autumn. As you'll see I went to Majorca with one of my besties, Laura (aka Tri) and I had the most amazing time! The weather was fantastic and we had such a brilliant time relaxing on the hot sand, swimming in the crystal clear blue sea and paddling the pool. Yes, admittedly sunbathing was a priority of ours, but we also got to explore a load of Majorca and all its lovely little villages.

WARNING: many many many photos ahead.




Wow, it's really been almost three months since I last did a blog post. I'm ashamed of myself! Although the truth is I haven't really been inspired much recently, or had the will to write anything on here. I went through a long phase of not having the best time and feeling pretty alone and low, what with all my school work, driving pressures and friends as well. I still do feel like this but instead of brewing in my own pool of self pity, I would rather just be strong and try and change these depressing thoughts of mine to more positive ones. I've learnt recently who my real friends are, which is the most important and vital thing to know, and see that I have such a supportive family, and that this threat and danger of driving is just a phase and I need to see it's just so exciting! It felt like yesterday I was just learning to ride a bike (even though I still can't ride one now!), and now I'm learning to drive. Weird eh? I think its that time of year when you reminisce and think of your life - considering the weather has massively altered to rain, cold and storms, you can't exactly be extremely positive, obviously unless you are snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate, then that's a completely different story. I hate this sudden transition from sun to storm and these mid autumn season blues. 

So time for a change, in appearance, mind and actions. That ultimately means MORE BLOG POSTS from Velvet Passion - it's about time. Writing this post reminds me of how much I missed this, however I am stuck for ideas so I will need to screw my thinking cap on.

Monday, 15 July 2013


So Saturday 29th June I turned 17! I celebrated it with the five special people in my life whom are ma family. I had a birthday meal with them on the Friday night, where I went to the water front in Bristol called 'The Living Room'. It was such a brilliant night as everyone was able to come together and catch up!

I then went out on my birthday with my friends to Robyn's party where I got very carried away and ended up coming home with deep cuts, bruises and scratches all over my body! Never the less it was such a funny night so I couldn't wish for anything better.