Monday, 31 December 2012


I wanted to buy a gel eyeliner as I had seen many blogs rave about them and how you can create so many different looks with it. I was in Boots browsing for one when I came across this Rimmel Product - I knew Rimmel was a great brand and that I had been pleased with most of their other makeup so I thought I could rely on them this time. I bought it for £6.49 which I think is quite expensive for a teeny tiny little pot, but at the time I couldn't find anything better

Unfortunately this is the worst eyeliner I have bought, and trust me I have tried dozens. My eyes are just really wierd and eyeliner doesn't ever stay on them usually. When I applied this, I saw that the gel was extremely gloopy and thick, and too wet to apply. However when on, I absolutely loved the look of it on my eyelids as it looked really black and dramatic. Not long after I realised that the gel hadn't set at all and was still wet. It had made my a massive thick messy line all over my eyes and it was extremely embarrassing - It had smudged everywhere and I had to continuously keep checking and wiping.

As well as that, the brush wasn't right either. It was far to thick and had no shape to it. The gel kept drying on and making it go crusty and vile, so I had to clean it nearly every day to stop all that old muck transferring onto my eyes.

The only part I do like is that the design of it is extremely cute and nifty. The fact that the brush is in the lid makes it really handy and easy to carry around with you. It does look like an expensive great product, however the results are extremely poor.

Overall I would not recommend to anybody! - It is possibly the worst eyeliner I have used. I know that quite a lot of people on the boots website too agree, as well as other blog reviews. I now use the brush for my new Bobbi Brown Eyeliner which I really like. (I will be reviewing that product soon!)

Sunday, 30 December 2012


I saw the advert for this new 17 product and the 'semi permanent' caught my attention. For some reason no eyeliner, whether it is expensive or cheap will stay on me and it is seriously irritating. So I thought considering I actually like the brand and it is like a 'tattoo' I thought I would give it a go and hope for the best. It was only £4.99 so I wasn't loosing much.


It turns out that this is the best liquid eyeliner I have ever bought. It stays on perfectly well and comes out fairly matte which is what I wanted. It claims to stay on for 48 hours but realistically it stays on me for about 8 hours. I may need to top it up if my eye shadow or powder has melted onto it but that is if I am wearing ALL day. I usually have a shower and nearly all my makeup comes off, but with this eyeliner it actually stays on which is bizarre. I have to use a really good makeup wipe to actually get it off which is annoying but at least it is guaranteed to stay on.

For me, this eyeliner is smudge proof and waterproof; not even scrubbing in the shower can remove it. It is really black which is exactly what I wanted, and I don't think it comes in any other colours. It has an intense pigmented formulation so it gives a really dramatic look, depending on how much you apply. It can be worn any time of the day and can look extreme or natural.


As much as I love how brilliantly well it stays on my eyes and I have no problems when I have it on, if you make a mistake when applying it, it is the most difficult thing to get off and you end up scrubbing your whole eyelid which therefore removes all eyeshadow and concealer etc and makes your eyes all red and puffy. I am always trying to put it on quickly in the morning before school and it is a nightmare to remove, escpecially when you are in a hurry. My flicks always ten to go wrong too so once you have done it, there is no going back.

Also, when applying it, I find that the wand brush is quite flimsy and it doesn't apply as well as some of the other eyeliners I have used. It tends to be quite thick and therefore makes my eyelashes stick together and so I can't apply my mascara that well. However I find that if I just swap the brush with one of my other liquid eyeliners it is absolutely fine.

I am determined not to write that many negatives as I really love this product too much and will continue to buy it again and again.