Monday, 30 July 2012


Tutu Dress Miss Selfridge, Changing Rooms - I have wanted this dress since forever! :(

I went shopping twice last week and bought a few things. The outfits I wore above (Jack Daniels & Leather Leggings, Starbucks top & American Apparel Disco Shorts). I am so pleased with my DVD bargains - I got them from a big second hand DVD/Game Shop in Bristol (I can't remember the name). I got the Batman Legacy box set for £8; The Goonies film for £2.50; and The Scream trilogy for £6. I know the films are a tad strange and quite old, but I like them haha.

I LOVE my Leopard Print Creeper Shoes! I am wearing them all the time, even though it is Summer. I think these are my favourite pair of shoes ever.

Sunday, 29 July 2012


♥ Bristol Phone Shop - amazing! ♥ Sunny Outfit ♥ View out of the Newquay Caravan ♥ London baby ♥ Starbucks and Disco Shorts ♥ Pearl White Nail Polish ♥ Jack Daniels Outfit ♥ Message in a bottle letter ♥ Brownies gone wrong ♥ Me playing fetch with a dog by the Waterfront Bristol ♥ My brothers amazing big new home ♥ Tutu Dress Miss Selfridge in London ♥

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1. First, make sure your brush it really wet. 
2. Put a few droplets of the cleaning solution onto the brush
3. Scrub the brushes with your fingers and...
... with your hands/palms. Loads of the makeup should come off onto your hand; keep doing this until all of the makeup has been removed, and remember to occasionally add a little bit of water to the brushes to lather up the product.
4. Run the brush underneath the tap and remove any excess makeup. Fill your sink up with a little bit of water and add a few droplets of the cleaner. Leave the brush in the sink for a while.
5. Once the brushes are clean, I dry it with a towel and leave it out to dry naturally.
'Strictly Professional Brush Cleaner' - around £5 from Amazon.

This is how I clean my brushes - This product is seriously good as is gets all of the old gross make-up and bacteria out of the brush, they are left so fresh and clean (like it's brand new!) I do this on a regular basis as I hate the thought of spreading bacteria over my face. 

I recently switched brush cleaners because I thought I would try something different. I definitely prefer this one and I will be re-buying when it runs out. The other negative is that this does run out quite quickly, but it is a great product so I don't really mind.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I already have quite a big chip on it! That's what you get for taking a brand spanking new phone to Newquay!

I know there has been a huge delay in this post since my birthday was like a month away!.. but nevertheless I have done it now. I had a lot of lovely presents, including my fantastic new phone, a load of fabulous shoes and some home things for my new bedroom (currently being re-decorated).

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I have some ideas for new post - please comment below or get in touch and tell me if you have any ideas for new blog posts :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Me, Lucie, Paige, Robyn, Paula, Bonnie, Laura, Helena and Kate
As many of you would have read in my previous posts, I had a holiday in Newquay with all my best friends. We went for a week, and that was PLENTY of time; any more and we probably would have killed eachother haha. It was basically endless nights of going out late into Newquay and buying our way into clubs.. the usual for the Newquay holiday. Thankfully nobody got hurt or ridiculously drunk as otherwise it could have put a downer on our time away. All of us gained nicknames, some are more embarrassing than others. 

Anyway I had the most amazing time ever and it is a holiday that I will always remember: I have plenty of memories to last me a life time! I hope all the other GCSE lot who went to Newquay had a great time too like we all did (Hope nothing horrendous happened!) It was so wierd how basically every person I spoke to was from Bristol/Bath! - perhaps I will bump into them, but I doubt I will remember any of them.