Sunday, 29 July 2012



1. First, make sure your brush it really wet. 
2. Put a few droplets of the cleaning solution onto the brush
3. Scrub the brushes with your fingers and...
... with your hands/palms. Loads of the makeup should come off onto your hand; keep doing this until all of the makeup has been removed, and remember to occasionally add a little bit of water to the brushes to lather up the product.
4. Run the brush underneath the tap and remove any excess makeup. Fill your sink up with a little bit of water and add a few droplets of the cleaner. Leave the brush in the sink for a while.
5. Once the brushes are clean, I dry it with a towel and leave it out to dry naturally.
'Strictly Professional Brush Cleaner' - around £5 from Amazon.

This is how I clean my brushes - This product is seriously good as is gets all of the old gross make-up and bacteria out of the brush, they are left so fresh and clean (like it's brand new!) I do this on a regular basis as I hate the thought of spreading bacteria over my face. 

I recently switched brush cleaners because I thought I would try something different. I definitely prefer this one and I will be re-buying when it runs out. The other negative is that this does run out quite quickly, but it is a great product so I don't really mind.

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  1. I have tried this make up brush cleaner before and I think it is excellent. I have bought several bottles of it. It thoroughly cleans them which I love, however yeah I agree the bottle doesn't last long xx