Saturday, 22 October 2011

     This is by far my favourite blog because her pictures, clothing and posts are so inspirational. I think I probably check it like 2-3 times a day to see if she has posted because I just adore looking at her photos. She has the best fashion ever, and even better: she gets most of them from Charity/Vintage shops. Im so jealous she has the luxury of having great charity shops, because here in Bristol we have hardly any good ones! She is also very beautiful and she can pull off basically everything! I just want her fashion sense so so much... and all her clothes! This is my favourite blog, please visit it!
     I visit this blog about once every two weeks because then I can enjoy all of the posts she has uploaded (because she does quite a few). She has fantastic style and she can also pull of everything. I am so curious to see what she will wear in the winter, so hopefully I can get a few ideas! She has such an interesting life, and it seems she goes to a lot of places.
     I think everybody knows about Zoella's blog because she has thousands and thousands of followers and she is mentioned quite a lot on other blogs. She leads such an amazing life and she runs such a successful blog! I visit it probably every other day to see if she has posted (she has stopped posts frequently which is quite disappointing as I love looking at her posts). I also adore watching her videos as she makes it fun to watch and she always has such great bargains! I have no idea which carboot sales she goes to and I keep asking her but I dont think she has replied :( I am so curious to see where she goes as we both live in Bristol. Her pictures are always perfect, and her makeup and hair is always flawless. If you have seen your blog (which I very much doubt) then please click the link and see for yourself what a sensational blog she has!
      I have recently discovered this fantastic blog whilst flicking through Zoella's blog. She owns some fabulous clothes (all of which I want!). She always looks beautiful because her makeup and hair is flawless, and her clothes are amazing (and they are all at an affordable price which is even better). I am so glad I came across this blog as she is very inspirational. I check  this blog about once a week and I am never disappointed withher posts. She has so many followers it is unbelievable, and she still seems quite young. Love, love, love your blog, make sure you visit it!

These are the blogs which I visit often so I hope you enjoy looking through them. There are not many blogs which win me over, so if you are on my blog list above then I love your sites and keep up the fantastic work! You are an inspiration to me and some day I hope to have just half as many followers and blog lovers as you guys ♥

Sunday, 9 October 2011


 Cream jumper - Topshop £26, 
Orange jeans - Topshop (Sale) £20, 
Red Earrings - Topshop £5, 
Checked Scarf - Urban Outfitters (Sale) £8, 
Gold Clock Necklace - Urban Outfitters (Sale) £5

Yesterday I went to town, once again, and it was so cold. I had to wrap up in a jumper and scarf as it was really chilly. It's gone from one extreme to the other: a week ago it was burning hot (like 30 degrees) and now it is bitter cold at 13 degrees. I am wrapped up in a blanket and watching The Goonies because its on the TV. Im tucking into a luke warm cup of tea and thinking about getting some food.


Woooooo, great party last night at Robyns house. I went to hers to get ready and then we were joined by a few early birds at about 7, then the rest came at about 7:30-8. I am uploading the photos onto facebook and the estimated time is 20 mins... erghh! I took loads of photos (like 150) so there are plently to view down below so enjoy!