Sunday, 9 October 2011


 Cream jumper - Topshop £26, 
Orange jeans - Topshop (Sale) £20, 
Red Earrings - Topshop £5, 
Checked Scarf - Urban Outfitters (Sale) £8, 
Gold Clock Necklace - Urban Outfitters (Sale) £5

Yesterday I went to town, once again, and it was so cold. I had to wrap up in a jumper and scarf as it was really chilly. It's gone from one extreme to the other: a week ago it was burning hot (like 30 degrees) and now it is bitter cold at 13 degrees. I am wrapped up in a blanket and watching The Goonies because its on the TV. Im tucking into a luke warm cup of tea and thinking about getting some food.


  1. I know.. it´s sick. But hopefully it´ll be better :)

    You look really pretty in your latest post!

  2. missing the frequent posts abi! Usually i check your blog 2/3 times a week, but now if i check it once a week there still aren't any new posts! We miss you!!xxxx

  3. Love the outfit, you look lovely here! Was wondering when you were doing another post!

  4. Thank you guys! Urmm well i am trying to upload a video but I am baving real trouble doing it so it will probably be tomorrow now. It was suppose to be up yesterday but my youtube isnt working properly and the video wont upload which is really irritating. Sorry, and thank you for checking my blog so frequently, i promise I will have more posts soon and will do them on a regular basis xxxx

  5. lov love LURVE the scarf! urban outfitters galore xx