Monday, 26 November 2012


So, I dyed my hair dark brown/black with a hint of red/purple all over as in person my hair was really light brown and was all different colours as it had naturally faded from the sun over time. This was my first time dying it and I got a hairdresser to do it. I really prefer it to my natural colour, and I think I am going to dye it myself permanently when it fades.

I also got 4 piercings done on my left ear - I got my seconds and thirds done like 7 weeks ago so I have recently been able to change them so I thought I would show you guys. I also got my seconds done on my right ear at the weekend. I now have 6 in total!

Sunday, 18 November 2012


There was a sort of sixform party at the pub and these are most of the photos from before at Laura's house! I don't have many so I had to put on some bad ones just to make it an acceptable sized post. Had literally such a good night and weekend too.  

And oh I finally wore my studded shorts I cut, dyed and studded myself. I used three packs of Dylon Dye and the came out navy instead of black.. I was so annoyed!

Oh and I am loving what is going on with my sticky out pony tail thing.. it looks so funny

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Yes, I went to a HALLOWEEN PARTY as a fairy haha.. everyone went really grungey and scary, and I did the complete opposite. I know this post is a little late considering the party and halloween was 6 days ago but ah well! I hope everyone had a good halloween.. I really wish England loved and celebrated Halloween as much as America does as it seems like they really try and have fun!.. we dont really :/