Monday, 16 April 2012




I went to Funderworld on Saturday night with some of the girlies and it was such a funny and brilliant night! We had a few drinks before at Robyns house, then we headed off out on the bus. I sat in some sick on the bus stop seat which was disgusting!.. but apart from that it was a real good night. I have neck cramps and am aching everywhere from the many times I smacked my head on the rollercoaster seats. It made me so excited for Newquay in July as we will all be together again for a week.

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hope everyone is having a brilliant Easter! I don't particulary celebrate Easter, nor does my family, but we still like to have a Easter Egg and a few presents. When I was younger I used to love Easter as it was a time where I could still go Easter egg hunting around the house and in the garden.

My lovely lovely lovely mum bought me loads of brilliant presents this year! I got these Topshop shorts that I absolutely love - still cant believe she got them for me! I also got two Republic bandeaus, some Topshop triangle earrings which I adore, some Topshop nailvarnishes, lots of chocolate goodies, a backcombing brush and a DVD. Thank you mum! (and dad) xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012



Just a bundle of everything really. The top outfit is what I wore to school on non-uniform day, the rest is either what I wore shopping or new clothes/accessories I bought. Erghh I hate having photographs of myself, hence why most are just me and my camera in the mirror.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012



I went to my friends house, Lucie and we had a wee picnic in one of the fields near her house and I also slept round hers too. Took a few photos, but most of them aren't on here.