Wednesday, 16 January 2013



River Island Black Camisole - £10
H&M Leather Skirt - £14.99
Primark Black Heels - £6 (sale!)
Primark Cross Belt - £2.50
River Island Skull Studs - £1.50
River Island Fake Nose Rings - £1.50
Republic Cross Necklace - £3.50 (sale!)
Dutty Vintage Necklace - £12

Just thought I would share with you some of the things I have bought over the last couple of days.. its not the biggest haul but ah well!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


This is kind of like part 2 of yesterday's post because I took these at the same time too. I thought it would be a bit too much if I lumped them together so I thought I would do a seperate post for you. I am a vain little miss it seems!

P.S. My nose stud isn't real, just to clear that up! Its just a magnetic one hahaa, I'm not allowed it done yet

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Camouflage Tshirt - Urban Outifitters (sale), Nike Air Maxes, Dutty Neckace - Dutty Vintage Shop, Belt - Primark, Mama's bag - Mulberry!, Orange Lipstick - Topshop

So today I went shopping in Bath with my mum - I didn't really need anything but I wanted to go out instead of being stuck in bed like usual every day. I actually enjoy getting ready as long as I have enough time so it was nice to actually do my makeup properly and my hair.

I haven't really done a proper post about my new air maxes - they were basically something I didn't set out intentionally to buy.. I was with my friend and she loves them so we both bought a pair together. They were in sale for £35 I think so I am pretty chuffed with the price. I am still warming to them, but I quite like the fact they quirk up an outfit and make it look different. What do you think of them?

I have been a bad blogger for the past month or two and I realised I hadn't done an outfit post in ages! I never have time to take any photos before I go out so I have to do it when I get home which means I can never be bothered to do it. This time I knew I actually had to do one and I quite enjoyed doing it and being silly.

I have a new obsession with my old orange Topshop lipstick, I absolutely love it at the moment!

Happy New Year folks xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


If you have been following my blog for a while then you will know that I have extremely bad troubles with eyeliner. Not a lot of people seem to realise that any eyeliner will NOT stay on me well; it seems to smudge all underneath my eye and make me have panda eyes. I am constantly in the mirror wiping away the black which takes off all my concealer so I have big puffy eyes. I have started to move away from the cheaper Boots and Superdrug brands as I find they are no good on me, and I am now trying places like Mac and Bobbi Brown. I still have my BB gel liner to review so hold your horses!

After trying my Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner, I found it great, however it was hard to apply. So I decided to try  a kohl eyeliner as I always find them easy to use.

I find that I tend to ramble in my makeup reviews so I will make this nice and simple -


  • It is extremely easy to apply as it is a wind up so there are no messy or inconvenient sharpenings. Also, if you twist it up too far then you can turn it back down again which is very useful. (I don't know why but I always want to twist it all the way up when I get one - I am such a child!) 
  • The colour is very black and pigmented. I find that some eyeliners come out grey and non-visible, but that is not the case with this on. 
  • It doesn't smudge - I put a Natural Collection powder on top and it stays for about 4-5 hours which is great.
  • It is easy to remove - I just use normal wipes or take it off in the shower and it comes off easily.
  • I only use it on my waterline and I find I can use it to make my eyes look either dramatic or natural depending on the thickness of the line.
  • There are 10 colours to choose from so there is a fantastic variety; I use Graphblack as it is a normal and dark colour.
  • I find that with some eyeliners it takes ages to dry, but this is dries quickly for a long wearing finish.
  • It claims to be completely smudgeproof and waterproof so I am quite disappointed as without my Natural collection powder is did smudge quite a lot and run down my face. However I feel that it is easily fixed and prevented.
  • The price itself, £14 is a lot of money to be spent on just an eyeliner which I believe isn't as good as some of my other ones. I still will continue to use it every day and repurchase, but not particularly worth the money. But to be fair, it is Mac so what do you expect?
Have you tried this Mac Technakohl Eyeliner - if so that what are your views on this product?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Top - Motel (sale) £20, Jeans - Topshop £34, Striped Shorts - Topshop (sale) £15, Air Max, Necklace - Dutty Vintage £12

Happy New Year everybody!!
I cannot believe it is now 2013, it is ridiculous (pinch punch first of the month). I hope everyone had an amazing night and celebrated the last night of 2012 well.

Basically, all my friends were panicking that nothing was happening for new years eve and so we all started stressing. Although at the last minute two of my friends organised something and it was the best night ever. We started out my going to Bonnie's and we had a casual get together which was great. Then at about half 10 we got a lift to Frankie's and we had a big party. The night went so fast I couldn't believe it was midnight so soon.. everybody started cheering and doing the countdown and I was so boggled at the time. I slept downstairs in the lounge with a load of people and I don't think any of us, apart from Robyn who was sound asleep, got to sleep until about half 8/9 in the morning. None of us could believe how late it was and literally time went so quickly! Most of us woke up at about 10 and we were all hanging. Everybody was so tired and  felt rough. I got home at 11 and watched the Ugly Truth as I needed a good chick flick to wake me up, however I ended up having a three hour nap anyway.

Literally my night was amazing and I have so many stories... I bet a lot of you had an awesome New Years Eve too, what did everybody do?