Saturday, 14 July 2012


Me, Lucie, Paige, Robyn, Paula, Bonnie, Laura, Helena and Kate
As many of you would have read in my previous posts, I had a holiday in Newquay with all my best friends. We went for a week, and that was PLENTY of time; any more and we probably would have killed eachother haha. It was basically endless nights of going out late into Newquay and buying our way into clubs.. the usual for the Newquay holiday. Thankfully nobody got hurt or ridiculously drunk as otherwise it could have put a downer on our time away. All of us gained nicknames, some are more embarrassing than others. 

Anyway I had the most amazing time ever and it is a holiday that I will always remember: I have plenty of memories to last me a life time! I hope all the other GCSE lot who went to Newquay had a great time too like we all did (Hope nothing horrendous happened!) It was so wierd how basically every person I spoke to was from Bristol/Bath! - perhaps I will bump into them, but I doubt I will remember any of them.


  1. Looks/sounds like you had an amazing time! I really need to do something like this with my girls xx

  2. Yeah it was really amazing, definitely worth doing! :) xx

  3. I'm going newquay with a big group next week so excited!, how did you get into clubs though? did you take fake ID?x

    1. Awh have a great time! It's so good! No we went in the 16+ clubs, but you could take fake ID (they are really strict with IDs though :/) xxx