Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Whilst searching 'Abi Horsey' on google to find my blog, this popped up:


It is one of the articles I wrote on my work experience for the Banter magazine. I didnt know this was on the internet, so it was a pleasent surprise to find it. This is just one of my articles I wrote, I am trying to track down whether more are on the internet.

Right, tomorrow you guys have to decide which outfit I should wear to a party on Friday night. I will have a few options and will desperately need your advice.

I have realised I have hyped up Volume Million Lashes mascara quite a lot over my blogging time, and I have never done a review I dont think. Well I am going to this week so that I can show you lovely people the results. Stay tuned ;)

Currently listening to more music. I go through fases of constantly listening to music... oh dear! 'Out Of Reach' is what I am listening to as I watched Bridget Jones a couple of days ago because I adore that film so so so much, one of my favourites. "Out of Reach, couldnt see, we were never meant to be. So much hurt, so much pain, takes a while to regain what was lost..." Am also eating homemade crumble which my mum made, oh my days, its so delicious. I just love it!

Erghh having a rubbish few days, but am cheering up a bit now.
My current moto: Flipping move on girl.

Night Night everyone, having an early night ♥

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