Wednesday, 31 August 2011


This is my latest creation on Polyvore. The items are all from Topshop, River Island and H&M. What I really cant decide between is the two grey/black tshirts (which are both from Topshop). I love both of them! I really want a blackish tee tshirt which is baggy, and can be worn with a brown skirt and high knee socks. I also adore the leather looking leggings from Topshop for £22. I am going to buy these on my next shopping trip. I hate leggings usually, but these are a little different. If you want to know where something is from then comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible my lovelies. Hope you are having a nice week. I am currently watching Two and A Half Men (as per usual!). I have done a load of Maths revision today as I am pretty rubbish at remembering Maths work. I am fine in the lesson and I completely get it, but an hour later it has wiped out of my memory. I am revising because I have my GCSE's this upcoming year and I need to do well! So a lot of buckling down for me this year :( How boring.

Lots of love sweetie pies! xxx


  1. ohh the winged ring is really cute! and that necklace is so cool, I'd love one of those haha. love your picks!

  2. Aaah this is so cute, great look, Topshop and H&M have some fantastic clothes. :)

  3. I love this, especially the shoes and leather leggings. I need some leather leggings...


  4. ok ive gotta to say i love everything! :) Xx

  5. Love the leggings boots everything where is the red top from and the ring love it so much great blog following you hope u follow back kisses

  6. @ Pop Champagne - Yeah i love that ring too, am definitely going to buy it next time i go shopping as I forgot to last time :( Thanks!

    @ K. Cruz - I know I just love their clothes at the moment. H&M's clothes are just so cheap as well which is even better ;)

    @ Liza - I know, those shoes are so nice, but expensive! I looked at the leather leggings in person and they were quite cheap looking. They have some in the petite section which are much better looking so I might buy them.

    @ Julia Rambaud - Haha thank you! :)

    @ Virgit - The red top is from Topshop for about £16 which I think is really reasonable for that shop. The ring is from H&M. Awhh thank you for your follow! I am now following you too.

    Thank you for your comments! (And thanks for follows you if you did). Lovely to hear from you lovely people. Much Love ♥