Monday, 15 August 2011


Golly Golly gosh! This perfume is the best I have ever had! It smells so delicious, summery and sweet.

The one I purchased came in a cute 50ml pink roundish bottle, with a silver cap and black plastic little flower sticking out with V&R on. I have the Eau de toilette version which was £51, but it may vary in price. It came in a pink box which looks like a cute parcel as it had a black 'Stamp' thing on it with V&R again.

It is a very feminine, floral fragrance which is well worth the price. The smell stays on all day, without having to top yourself up, and I can even smell it before I have sprayed it. Its so strong (but a nice strong as you will be remembered for smelling lovely). Everyone I know who has got it is not disappointed at all with this perfume, they all love it and cant live without it.

I will definitely be repurchasing after this has run out (but I dont think that will be for a very long time!) as it is such a beautiful flowery smelling perfume which I am extremely satsified with. I would recommend it to all your lovely girlies.

Sorry it isnt my photograph, my camera is still playing up but Im getting it fixed tomorrow. My other pictures have been taken with my dads camera :(


  1. I LOVE Victor and Rolf perfumes! The flowerbomb bottle is gorgeous. :)

    Also-- Thanks so much for following! I'm now following you as well. :)

  2. I LOVE this <3.

    Sadie x