I'm Abigail Beatrice Horsey.

Currently eighteen years young (although I'm approaching nineteen), enjoying the responsibility free life of a Gap Year, working full time. I attended Sixth-Form last year, studying English, Photography, History and Geography for my A Levels. A weird mix I know, but I guess they're all mass writing orientated.

I hate spiders with a passion, have an undying love for movies (especially horror) and a firm believer in fashion and wearing whatever the hell you want. I don't have a particular taste; it's strange but my style seriously varies. One day I'll be Gothic/ Hippie/ Grunge enthusiast, and the next I'll be a Made In Chelsea wardrobe gal. And it's the same with music, as long as I enjoy a song it doesn't matter what kind of genre it is.

I have a brief plan, of which involves studying English Language and Media at University in September (although I would love to do a fashion/make-up course instead, but hey ho). What happens after that is a mystery, one which I can't wait to unravel.

Of course, I would love to have a career involving fashion. I do have a knack for writing, so perhaps journalism? But I think the job of a stylist is fabulous too.

Travelling the globe seems like a pretty fantastic idea, one which I hope to accomplish after University with a group of new friends. I believe (and this is just my opinion) that it's ignorant to have not travelled. Controversial I know, but you owe it to yourself to see even tiny parts of the world you live in every day. I think that's when you truly discover yourself: being inspired by the artistry of cultures, stunning sights and variation of people.

I seem like the typical teenage kid (and I probably am), but I think I'm secretly the weirdest person you'll ever meet.