Monday, 19 December 2011


I went to lots of vintage and charity shops today with my cousin and I found lots of beautiful things. I was so tempted to buy everything!... there were cute little glass pots and antique photo frames, as well as vintage jumpers, cardigans and shirts. There was a great leopard print scarf I really wanted and I so wish I had bought it! All I bought (I wish I had bought more considering there was lots of things I loved!) was this oversized patterned cardigan. I am also wearing new leather leggings from Topshop £22 which I adore.


  1. LOVE THE CARDIGAN HUN! I've been dying to find something similar but in black and white, def. a great find!
    you have an amazing blog too! =)

  2. nice find, loooks lovely my dear!! xxx


  3. i love this cardi! looks great!