Saturday, 16 February 2013



As a Christmas present, my brother and his girlfriend subscribed me to having a Glossy Box! I had one last month but was too busy to post about it; I was away in Washington for 8 days (my next post) and got back to recieve a wonderful delivery yesterday!

This month, my box was a gorgeous pink box that looked very girly! Inside it had lovely pink tissue paper and shreddings. I opened it up to see 5 great products. I have tried any of them except for the cream, I haven't even eaten the lolly yet.

♥ The cream smelt like strawberries which was absolutely delicious, I just wanted to eat it! I put it all over my face and neck and it felt great on the skin! (The photo shows the thickness and colour of it)

♥  I had a perfume tester in there which was Narciso Rodriguez. You can buy it from House of Fraser for £23 which is incredibly cheap (30ml). It is a sweet floral smell which is very unique and doesn't go unnoticed.  I think it is a classy perfume which can be worn at any time.. It is really gorgeous!

♥ I haven't tried the Me Me Me skin illuminator yet but I was so pleased to see this! I have wanted an item like this for ages since my Benefit High Beam one ran out. Wearing makeup like this looks beautiful on your face as it really catches the light in the sun and makeups your skin look radiant. On the leaflet it said to either wear it on your cheekbones or mix it into your foundation - I think the foundation idea is brilliant as I want my whole face to look dewy and glowing!

♥ There was a Helen E lipstick in the colour pink, but I haven't tried it yet so cannot judge. So far I think the shade is quite nice as I really like and want more of pink lipsticks. It isn't a bright pink, but a subtle peachy colour.

♥ Lastly there was a Macabella Mineral Blush Powder - I have never heard of this brand before so I am quite eager to see whether it is any good. It looks like a glittery pinky colour. It looks really natural and glowing so I cannot wait to apply it to my face!

This month was quite pleased with the Glossy Box products, however the perfume tester was disappointing as I could only get about three sprays from it. My favourite is the Me Me Me skin illuminator, and it is only £5.50 if I want to re-purchase so its really cheap!

What did you think of February's Glossy Box? 


  1. Oh wow that looks like great products this month! I haven't recieved mine yet so I am excited now! The skin beamer looks great, and so do your nails! x

  2. That lipstick looks like such a lovely colour, would love to hear a review on it!

  3. Lipstick looks lovely!

    A little bit Unique


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  4. I'm really jealous! I'd love to get glossy box, or if I lived in the states I think I'd get a subscription to the pop sugar box. The lipstick does look like a lovely shade xx

  5. So jealous, amazing products

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  6. That lipstick is such a lovely shade!

    Great post :)

    Hope you're okay lovely!

    Jade xx