Saturday, 29 March 2014


Top - Topshop
Trousers - Zara (Kids)

Well hello there bloggers! I apologise yet again for my lack in posting. But don't worry, I'm back, and I'm back for good with regular fashion, life and make-up posts!

I thought I'd start by showing you my newness (I know that's grammatically incorrect). You may not notice, but I've had my haircut!!! It doesn't look much different but I've had so much snipped off. The ends used to reach my hipbone, and my fringe has now been cut just short of a full fringe. It's a change, and this year I'm looking for change, so I like it! Embarrassingly I did cry when I got into my car after being exposed to several inches of my hair dispersed all over the salon floor. It was like a hair murder scene - I was distraught. I did dye it very dark brown/black as well not long ago, but it seems to have faded. My new nose piercings (of 2 months) is not visible but I assure you I have had it done at long last! And lastly; they're not hard to miss, but look at my vibrant, colour bursting, spring exploding trousers! Perfect for summer, right? Not only were they just £20, they are from the Zara Kids section (awkward.) But I'm small, so I don't care that I fit into 13-14 year trousers *sniggers at myself*.

So, it's just a note to say y'all that I hope I haven't been forgotten in this amazing blogging community, and that you keep returning to check out my new posts!


  1. i love you abi post about you hair plis :c

  2. you are my inspiration

  3. you have a boyfriend?????????????????

  4. Need that top in my life! Love the way you paired the print and the nude xx