Saturday, 30 June 2012



I celebrated my 16th Birthday last Friday, but I haven't been able to do a post on it as I have literally just got back from Newquay today. (I am doing a seperate post on the hectic but amazing times in Newquay *cough cough dirty bertie, slicks, malcom*)

I had a pretty good birthday, except for I had to go in to school for my sixform induction day :( I went shopping afterwards and bought my amazing new phone! Then I went out for dinner with my parents and two brothers to The Living Room, The Waterfront, Bristol. I opened all my presents in the night basically, and then I had to quickly pack my enormous suitcase. I had so much to do on my birthday I'm suprised everything went to plan!

I am doing a seperate post on what I got for my birthday as there's too much to show in one post! But yeah, I had a wuvely birthday and I cant wait to have my birthday gathering now!