Saturday, 30 July 2011


Well, firstly I would like to say that I am watching the Mummy! I love it, I have the box set and everything haaha. I always watch it when its on TV as its so fun to watch. It never grows old or boring. Hehe, I'm so sad. Not much has happened since the last post I did which was a couple of hours ago. I just keep on thinking of new ideas and cannot wait to create them for you lovely people!

001 - This is just a normal moisturiser which I put everywhere: my face, arms, legs, feet and body. Its so soothing and leaves my skin feeling soft. It is just plain "Boots essentials Moisturising Lotion". It does the job very well and I wear it all the time.

002 - This is a pink blusher which looks lovely in the Summer on top of a tanned foundation. It is "Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge" for both lips and cheeks. I haven't actually used it on my lips but I will do when I put on makeup next. It is a very soft texture with a lovely fruity smell. Probably my favourite blusher as it stays on all day too!

003 - This is a bronzer also by Bobbi Brown. It is a very Summery tanned colour which is quite dark. It has no shimmer to it which is disappointing so it is just plain. The colour is ."Deep 4" and is looks like cocoa powder. It has a cute little mirror too which is useful.

004 - This is the brush of a mascara wiped across my hand to show you the type, length and thickness of the brush. This is "Maybelline Great Lash" mascara in Blackest Black colour. It comes in such a lovely, bright bottle with a pink bottle and green lid. It stands out from the rest which is great. I used this when I first started wearing mascara in like Year 7 (because everyone else was haha) and it was perfect for me. Although now it doesnt do what I want it to. I want a really really lengthening which volumises to, but I cant seem to find the right one. Maybelline Great Lash is a mascara which I use sometimes use.

005 - Number 5 is an eyeshadow by Bobbi Brown. The colour is "Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow" and is perfect for a smokey look, the winter and when you want to wear a bright coloured lipstick. Eyeshadow doesnt suit me as my eyes are too small, but if I really want to wear one I would only use this one. it works well with my eye colour as it brings out the brown in them. I only use a little bit as if I coat it on it looks too dark and clogs up my eyelids. I really love this colour and is by far my favourite eyeshadow!

006 - Well, this 'lipgloss' is in fact a red lipstain which I sometimes use instead of my red lipstick, or I use it underneath. It was free in a magazine and I really like it. It is by Body Shop and is a lip and cheek stain. It doesnt have a colour, it is just very red.

007/008 - These two are from the Laura Mercier concealer set. There are two colours, one pale and one dark. It can be used for under the eye (which is very good and clears up your bags) and for blemishes etc. This is my favourite concealer, but I only wish it came in a stick as I hate uses a brush or my fingers when applying it.

009 - "Benefit" has won me over with this eyeliner as it lasts all day, is easily applyable, and has a thin brush so the line is nice and neat. Although it is a very good liner, the bottle is very small! It is a 2.5 ml bottle which is nothing... and you pay quite a lot for it too. The colour is "Jet Black" which is exactly the colour I want for an eyeliner.

010 - "Sexy Motherpucker" is an excellent brand which I adore, ecspecially the lipglosses! This 7ml bottle is a "Candy Gloss" colour with a delicious vanilla flavour. It makes me want to eat my mouth its so yummy. However, most people enjoy the tingling sensation of this gloss, but I hate it! It really hurts me when I put it on so I sometimes avoid wearing it. This lip plumping makeup is perfect. My mum and loads of my friends wear it, its very popular!

011 - Lastly we have a very pale item. This is a concealer ecspecially for underneath your eyes to cover up the dark circles or bags. It is by Helen E and I got it at the clothes show. I bought this, the concealer stick, eyeliner, lipgloss and foundation all for £8. Most of it is good but the foundation is not that great. It comes off very quickly :( However this under the eye concealer is very good and I use it all the time. Mine came in a little clear pot and I have quite a pale colour (It didnt include the colour name).

This is some of the makeup I use, (well the makeup I could put on my hand) and most of it is really good. I will be doing my first youtube video soon when I actually put my makeup on, get dressed and do my hair. I'm not sure what to do it on though? Any suggestions girlies? :) I will also be doing a fashion post for guys and say who are my male icons.

Until next time my lovelies xxxx


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog sweet. Firstly, looking through your blog I have to say that youre BEAUTIFUL! We also have a very similar ambition - FASHION JOURNALISM! (Like most of us bloggers, I suppose) Really great breakdown of each product btw.


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