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Today for me is a lazy day, as I am still in my pj's at 7pm. Yes I know, naughty *Slaps wrist* but I have had a busy week and am just doing plain nothing today, although I have tidyed my room and made my bed. I did get up at 12:30pm this morning which is very late, however I did go to bed at 2am after watching The Ring 2, which in fact wasnt that bad! Usually I am scared stiff of the girl but when I actually looked at her, she has quite a sweet, innocent face with just loads of black hair over her head. I did squeal at the part where she is quickly climbing up the well and her legs were above her head (very flexible!), and the part where she comes out the TV. Apart from that I wasnt frightened; I think its just the dark build up to the creep girl which horrifys me.

It is a boring Saturday filled with Playstation, Wii, TV and blogs! (Although blogs are not boring at all! - I enjoy blogging and searching through other blogs, ecspecially Zoellas.) Come Dine With Me is the only decent programme on TV, and this morning I had to resort to Antique Roadshow! I am watching a film with mum later called Tamara Drew, which is about a lady in journalism (right up my street). First of all I am watching Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, although I find this one probably the worst out of the Potter films. I prefer the little cute adventures with Harry, Ron and Hermione when they are younger, and this is the one where they start to grow up. The film just doesnt seem to click with me, and bores me a little. However I definitely will watch it as any Harry Potter movie is good for me :) I am so tempted to read the books but I dont think I will be able to as they are incredibly thick! The books seem to get larger and larger as the books go on, which I dont think I will be able to cope with. Plus I know what happens in every one which is a shame as there is no suprise, which is all part of reading. I know it would be slightly different but the plot would be the same.

Well I will get onto the actual title of the post: What is in my bag? I haven't done a post like this before so I thought I would tell you about my day too as it would be quite a short post otherwise.

My brown little bag was purchased from the famous Primark. I was going to do my Black urban outfitters bag but I thought it was a little too Wintery and dull, although I do love it! My Primark bag was bought a couple of months ago, and for a while I thought nobody else had it, until I saw swarms of girls wearing it in the Summer.

This is what it contains:

001 - This is my H&M Guava Body Spray which I adore. The smell is gorgeous and I would rather wear it than perfume as it is so fruity. It seems to stay on quite well and serveral people have said I smelt nice which is good. I have only purchased it recently and it is quickly going down, maybe I shouldnt put as much on! The price was only £1.50 and I will definitely be getting so more after I have finished the bottle. I dont go anywhere without it now.

002 - This pink pouch includes a few medical things to help me in little emergencys. Well let me start with the nose drops Oh my goodness these are a life safer. If your are blocked up and you cannot even breath through your nose then this will clear you up completely. "Otrivine" may leave you convinced that you're cured, but dont let it fall you as the blocked nose will eventually come back. Just keep taking them and they will save you from feeling ill and disgusting; they save my life! Unfortunately I get headaches every day, and occassionally I get really bad migraines. Last time I had blurred vision (this is the first signs of a migraine for me), I took them and I didnt get a horrible horrible migraine. I dont know if they work really yet as I have only tried them once, but it reassuring to know that I have them just in case. I also carry around my travel sickness pills, paracetomal and ibroprofen, but they are not featured in this picture. I am very organised when it comes to medication haha.

003 - My Teen Vogue Handbook - ohh I am in love with this handy book, it is my little treasure! My brother Rob bought me this for Christmas this year and I had no idea that he was getting it for me. I was delighted to see that he had taken the time to think of something like this as I wouldnt expect him to. Usually the presents he buys for our family are just "yeah that will do" gifts (sorry but its true Rob). So Rob thank you very much for my lovely present... I love it. Everyone who uses it washes their hands before they touch this holy book as it means a lot to me. There are so many pages to it that every time I look at it, there appears to be another page I havent seen. It has taught me a lot about journalism, modelling, blogging, and has helped me look into the bigger picture of editing. This handbook comes with me everywhere as it is very handy when I have spare time if I'm out. Its so inspiring and tells me nearly everything I need to know about my dream job, it even includes which Universitys and colleges are best, how to be presentable and interesting at a job interview, and what little objects you will need on your journeys. If you are interested in fashion then this is perfect for you, and I can guarantee you will love it!

004 - My brown leather horse purse was a present for my birthday from mum and dad last year. I still love it now as it is quite unique and reflects me. Its from Miss Selfridge and was £18. I was too tight to by it for myself so I added it to my Birthday list :) I will always keep the purse as its perfect.

005 - My phone, what would I do without my phone?! Even though it was only £40 from Orange, I still love it. It has everything on there: fast internet, my emails, texts, minutes, a good camera. Its a really good phone considering it was very cheap. It doesnt look it but its a baby pink colour which is right up my street too!

006 - My sunglasses are from a stall in the Galleries called "Beast" haha. I got them years and years ago before rayban types glasses were really popular. They have a faint leopard print design on them but its hardly noticable. I carry them everywhere too as they always come in use.

007 - This is my Topshop Cosmetics bag which has lasted me a while. Next time I go shopping I am going to buy a leopard print makeup bag with ears on top. I have wanted this for ages and I am actually going to buy it. Anyway, this is what is in my makeup bag:

> I sometimes carry around the Batiste Dry Shampoo because it comes in a lot of use! I have the brown coloured spray because otherwise it is really white on my roots. I dont ever use it a lot but I have it just in case.
> The "Fat Hair" hair spray is quite good. It takes a lot to hold my hair when I have curled it but this seems to do the job. The small can is very useful when it comes to tucking into my cosmetics bag and acts as a life saver when my hair is falling flat and dull.
> My Laura Mercier is nearly all gone so I place this one is my bag when my eye bags come back or my spots become unrevealed. The new one is kept in my dressing table draw. This is probably the best concealer I have, and my mum also uses it.
> Vaseline: Well most people use vaseline dont they. I used to hate using this but in the Winter it really helps if my skin becomes dry. This pocket sized tin also fits nicely into my makeup bag.
> I do not go anywhere now without my brightly coloured lipsticks. They always come with me. The only time I am not wearing them is at school or when Im at home doing nothing. My orange, pink and red lip paint are the ones I take every time because they're my favourites! The more bold the better in my opinion.
> The Natural Collection Mascara is not very good at all, but when you use it on top of your existing mascara later on, it makes your lashes longer and thicker. It does a very good job actually.
> I also usually take eyeliner with me but for some reason it doesnt show up in the picture. My waterproof Rimmel eyeliner always comes off and its so irritating! It is suppose to be waterproof and yet it rubs off within a few hours of wearing it. I have to keep topping it up on the bottom of my eyes. Can anybody suggest a good eyeliner stick? :)

Well, what a long post this turns out to be! I have written a lot about each thing in my bag and I have probably bored you. This has taken me quite a long time to write because I am watching Tamara Drewe at the same time. It is actually very good, quite a lot of swear words, a fair bit of sexual content and just very funny! The young girls are so hilarious. I would recommend watching it guys and girls.

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