Sunday, 31 July 2011


This was me about half an hour after I was born - My cute little hat was from my mum!

 I was only a few monthes old when this photo was taken by an Evening Post photographer at Chew Valley Lake. I love this picture of me and my mum!

This is my brother, Steve and me when we were in Florida. I was 13 monthes old.

I have put this one in because I love my outfit! Mum said that I had a cold then so I apologise for me looking really ill.  My white buttoned blouse looks adorable with my cream knitted cardigan hehe. Me age 18 monthes with my dad.

This is me wearing my mums pearl necklace, a little denim dress which I remember loving, with my sandals and socks. I was around 3 years old. I am with my brother Rob in my back garden.

This is my very first day of Primary School, so I was age 4. Although I look happy, when my mum tried to leave me I was in floods of tears and my horrible teacher Mrs Russell had to pull me off of my beloved mum!

I adore this photograph, its when I have cut my hair short and have a little middle parting fringe. I was about to go to sleep in my Dolmation Nighty, but my dad insisted he take a picture of me with my Dolmation Skipping rope. I was 5 years old by now.

This is me with my funky hat on and cool top on haha. I was seeing Atomic Kitten and I had my favourite teddy with me: Possum. I remember Jenny Frost saying "I love your hat!" It was after school at the Mall Cribbs Causeway. I was age 8.

This was a lovely day! I was modelling childrens bridesmaids dresses at Debenhams on a catwalk on the top floor. Me and my friend Emily were doing it and we were fighting over the Gold tiara: I got to wear it in the end. I was in the newspaper and I still have the article. This was age 10.
This is my life in photographs, starting from the day I was born and then increasing in age. I think my favourite photo is the one with me and my mum, although I am blowing a spit bubble and frowning. But I think it is so cute ♥ Am currently watching Friends, even though I have seen every single one about a million times. It never gets boring. Will be doing another post later on this evening - I have already taken the photos for it and basically finish the post but I will wait a little while between posts. I also watched Cloverfield last night which was again, amazing! I have watched it twice now and have enjoyed it both times. I usually hate handheld camera films (apart from REC the horror movie) because it is so shakey and all over the place, but I didnt mind it in Cloverfield.

Anyway, I will post later. Until next time xxx

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  1. You look like your mom! So cute hehe. p.s. your denim collection is intense!