Sunday, 29 January 2012


My Outfit:

Levi Denim Jacket, £25
Beatles Long Sleeve Top - Topshop, £22
Leather Leggings - Topshop, £22
Leopard Print Boots - Urban Outfitters
Black Cotton Socks with a bow - Primark, £1.50
Casio Watch
Vintage Bracelet - Camden Market, £6
Tote Bag - Topshop, free 

My Day:

The craziest shop ever - it was a rave store full of staff dancing on balconys and flurescent lights flashing everywhere. It's not somewhere you would really buy anything as it is literally just tight fitting, brightly coloured spankys and tops etc, but the experience was crazy!

The picture shows about 1/5 of the ground floor, which was all dedicated to accessories, jewellry and makeup.

I went to London yesterday, both Oxford Street and Camden Lock Markets. It was a christmas present from my lovely brother, Rob and I had such a fantastic time! It was a brilliant way to start off the new year and to end January - I desperately want to go back there!

I went down on the train from Bristol to Paddington at 9am (meaning I had to get about a 6am) and I met my brother by Platform 1. We then went to Camden Lock by the London tubes and spent around 2-3 hours there. Camden Lock was such an amazing place and experience. It was absolutely huge! There was literally some many places to go and it was very easy to get lost in. There were hundreds and hundreds of stalls like vintage and foods. It was all so remarkable, I just didn't know what to do with myself!

After, we caught the tube to Oxford Street where we visited Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters (we saw someone shoplifting I think, and they got caught), John Lewis (for food) and Zara. OH MY DAYS - The Topshop was incredible. There were like 5 MASSIVE floors full of vintage clothes, cafes (wierdly), Boutiques, normal Topshop clothes, a whole floor dedicated to accessories, and so much more. It was outstanding.. I just couldn't believe the size. The rest of the shops were also huge.

I had the most fantastic time ever! Apart from the journey back. My train back at 5pm was cancelled so all the hundreds of people (including me) had to squash onto train at 5:30pm. It didn't seem so bad until I saw a whole swarm of people sprinting towards the train ready to get any available seat, reserved or not reserved. I queued to get onto the train to see absolutely no seats whatsoever were available. I had to stand in the train interlocking compartment with a load of people. I couldn't lean against anything so I had to stand right in the middle of everybody where I was falling into everybody haha. I made a fool out of myself a few times but ahh well. I had to stand for about an hour and a half whilst I heard people complaining and kids screaming. I eventually got a seat when I got to Chippenham, but it was pretty pointless as I was getting off in about 10 minutes. Erghh, it was a real pain but it was quite fun and it made the journey a little more exciting.

I enjoyed every second of my day and I cannot wait to go back. Thank you so much Robbie! xxx


  1. I love Camden! Its such a quirky place!xx

  2. I went to Oxford Street and Camden Lock Markets yesterday as well! I've just came back to Leicester a couple of hours ago!!
    I mostly bought from Topshop! You are right, Sunday was a really fun day!
    Love your blog, check out mine and hope you'd like to follow each other!
    Christina xxx

  3. did you buy anything nice? Love your blog! xxxx