Friday, 6 January 2012


They had such brilliant bargains in Urban Outfitters! I bought a boudoir box for £5, but originally £15 - I have wanted this for ages but I didnt want to pay that much, but my lovely mum found it and bought it for me. She also got me a Sewing machine from Urban Outfitters for £5!!, but the RRP was £30... Unbelievable. I also got a ring holder for £4.50.

I had a huge clearout and tidy up of my room. I got rid of so much makeup: most of it was probably like 5 years old, disgusting and dried up. I am quite a hoarder so I found it difficult to let go haha. My bin is full of old hair products, accessories and makeup (but now I have a neat makeup draw and tidy draws and containers.

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