Thursday, 5 January 2012


I decided to treat myself to this fabulous foundation after christmas, and i can honestly say it was the best decision ever. Let me tell you everything I thought:


I bought the colour NW25 which matches my skin colour quite well. (However the staff told me three different colours which was a bit off putting haha). It is a 30ml bottle so it should last a long time considering I dont use much of it at a time.


Full flawless Coverage - Excellent. It is much better than any other foundations I have tried: for instance Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder. The coverage is medium to full which is perfect for me. I have teenage skin which basically means oily and spotty (haha) so I found this covered my spots and blemishes fantastically.


Absolutely! It stays on literally all day. The many other foundations I have had stayed on for like an hour before it came off, but this stays on for a full day. I wear it to school sometimes and it looks the same as it does when I first apply it in the morning, to when i get home from school. Best foundation for longwearing purposes.


Me being a teenager with not the greatest amount of money, I found this was very expensive: £19.50. I would never usually spend this much on it because it is way too much, but considering it was christmas I decided to splash out. But I definitely find this overpriced, however it is worth it.


This is a very moisturising foundation which does not leave your skin dried out or oily. It controls your face oil (which is great for most oily teenagers) and it has helped reduce my spots (personal opinion).


It really is an amazing product which is well worth the price and I would definitely recommend it. It is by FAR the best product I have ever bought; I have subsequently bought more mac makeup because of this.

If I have missed out any details then please just comment below and ask me any questions.

Overall Product: 9/10

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