Sunday, 5 August 2012


♥ My first payslip/wages ♥ Yummy KFC and Oreo Krushems ♥ Biker Jacket ♥ New Blog Layout ♥ Cookie Woopie Pie ♥ Beach Party ♥ Me ♥ New Peace Belt!! ♥ Blue Nails ♥

Instagram Username - @abh2906

As you can tell I didn't have the most interesting week hence the boring photos - I don't normally take many photos when I go out anyway so I'm trying to train myself for these Instagram Posts so I actually have photos to show! Hope everyone else had a more eventful week! 

I am doing a 'Beauty Week' (starting tomorrow) where I will be reviewing/showing you bloggers what new make-up and beauty products I have bought. When I get home from work tomorrow at 3 I will post my 1st review. Hopefully you will enjoy this week's post as it is something a little different. 

So please remember to keep checking up on my blog to see my daily makeup reviews starting tomorrow!


  1. Love Model's own : beach party! x

  2. Your hair is absolutely beautiful.

    Cant go wrong with an Oreo ice cream! ;) X